Our Story

In her first year of studying a BA in Corporate Communications, Cassidy noticed a gap in the digital ecosystem: a real lack of valuable, sustainable client relationships and the ability to craft original, valuablr content. After getting in touch with several small business owners, it became apparent that they simply did not have the time to increase brand awareness, create original content and maintain mutually beneficial online customer relationships all while running their establishments.

Our team has grown with no signs of stopping, with various industry experts joining our ranks. We’ve also – unintentionally – become an agency of women arguing over Taylor Swift and Katy Perry feuds, stationery envy, and debates about whether we should get an office cat or not (…right now, we’re not).

Although our company has evolved, our goal remains the same: helping small business build brand awareness and strengthen relationships with their market– we just take on a couple of the big guys these days too.

Cassidy-Lynne is a boutique, budget-friendly service for small businesses seeking to build genuine brand awareness and sustain mutually beneficial relationships through valuable and engaging content. Initially a student’s means to an end, our little organisation has flourished.


Over the years we’ve developed how we create brand awareness and form long-lasting impressions for our clients


A fancy term for creating original online material that is genuinely valuable to your audience – sparking interest and forming long-lasting brand impressions.

Content marketing takes on various forms such as:

Blogs | Social media posts | Website content | Email campaigns


Once we’ve created exceptional original online content for your audience – we need to make sure they see it!

Through active and agressive efforts we engage with your audience, and create a ‘pull’ to your content. We work to earn your following, as opposed to buying it – forming long-lasting relationships which creates lifetime value customers.